Welcome to the Fordham-Tremont Community Mental Health Center of St. Barnabas hospital! I am the Executive Director of the Center, and I invite you to spend some time here, learning about the vital services we are honored and privileged to provide to the residents of the Bronx.

The Center was founded in 1978, and since 1988 it has been sponsored by St. Barnabas Hospital. Today, we serve the community from three sites and in three public schools. The Center is comprised of thirteen programs that deliver preventive, case management, and treatment services to children, adults, and their families.

Take just one month as an illustration of how much the Center’s does for the community. In May 2010, 3609 individuals were scheduled for 8517 clinic visits and 182 individuals for 1769 half- or full-day day-treatment sessions. In addition, Center programs aided families at risk of foster care placements, provided concrete support for crime victims and case management for seriously mentally ill adults returning from incarceration, helped severely troubled adults in their homes and neighborhoods so that they did not have to be hospitalized, and offered vocational assistance for adults recovering from serious mental illness.

In 2009 we revised our mission statement, renewing in these words our commitment to serve the community:

Fordham-Tremont CMHC is a multicultural, community-based organization committed to improving mental health and overall quality of life for the diverse residents of the Bronx. In partnership with the community, Fordham-Tremont CMHC promotes individual and family well-being and social justice through innovative, holistic practices that enhance recovery. 

We try to deliver services that are grounded in the best relevant science and to be responsible stewards of the resources with which we pursue our mission. We seek to provide services that meet the entire range of our clients’ mental health needs and that help clients’ teachers, neighbors, and family members help the clients too. And we strive to deliver services in ways that manifest respect for our clients as individuals, for their concerns and hopes, for their cultures and values. To rededicate ourselves to these goals, each year the Center gives its Wise, Steadfast, and Caring Award to an employee whose work in special measure expresses these aspirations.

We are succeeding.
This past winter Fordham-Tremont was evaluated during the accreditation review of St. Barnabas Hospital by the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. The reviewers’ assessment was summed up in one word (and we quote): “Awesome.”

The New York State Office of Mental Health licenses outpatient mental health programs, awarding its Tier I certification only to those that meet the highest standards. This past year, OMH gave Tier I certification to these Fordham-Tremont programs:

  • Child, Adolescent, and Family Services, with its satellites the Latin American Immigrant Services and the Women’s and Family Center
  • David Casella Children’s Services, with its satellite School-Based Mental Health Program

Our ultimate goal is to help the client move beyond treatment, and the ultimate measure of our success is the number of clients whom we help to live on their own, without our services. On June 29, 2010 we held our third annual Graduation Ceremony, to celebrate clients who had achieved this level of well-being during the preceding year. 123 community members were honored.